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Bonjour Sammie, where are you from and why did you move to Paris?

Bonjour! I am originally from the United States and I moved from Oakland, California. I came to Paris for my job in 2017. In 2019, I left my job and decided to try and find work on my own. 

What were your challenges relating to your job search?

I was very concerned about finding a company since I am not fluent in French. The company I moved here with was international and was okay with me speaking English. I also was feeling very unsure of what I wanted to do next. I’ve had an incredible journey in my career and felt like I could try many things. My lack of focus in one area really frightened me. 

Do you think that language is a barrier during your job search here?

110% it is.  Depending on your field of work, it can feel impossible to find a job here. 

Why did you contact Happy Expats in France?

Because I arrived in France with a job, I knew I did not want to go on the job-hunt alone so I hired Happy Expats in France as soon as I gave notice at my other company. I wanted help with this process and to feel confident about my resume prior to sending it out.

Would you recommend the services provided by Happy Expats in France?

Happy Expats in France is fantastic. It was catered to help me build some confidence for job hunting. Mayghan also took the time to really get to know me and also see I was burned out and insisted I take time for myself before diving into job hunting. Best advice was to not let me baggage from one work experience carry over into my interviews or worst- the next job. I appreciated her patience as I struggled to decide what direction I wanted to go in next.  I got a beautiful French CV, some real solid advice for this job market, and a lifetime friend from this experience. 

What kind of job are you looking for today?

I am looking to work for a small company with big dreams. I like working around passionate people and so far I have been getting a nice stream of interviews so I feel confident that the right thing will happen. 

Thank you Sammie.

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